Our approach is primarily to lower your costs related to lighting.

Every company, every building, every profession and needs to fulfil different requirements.

We propose three different approaches to meet internal business goals   :


  • An approach based on the comfort of the lighting and well-being, with   :
    • A consideration of the well-being of employees,
    • An improvement of the retail place for the comfort of customers,
    • To highlight the products,
  • An approach based on energy expenditure
    • Spend as little energy as possible while maintaining the level and quality of lighting,
  • A purely economic approach
    • Based solely on the financial aspects in order to reduce the overall cost of the lighting system,

We perform a systematic audit of your existing lighting solution.After analysis and site survey, we develop a synthesis of the operation of the existing lighting solution through a Balance Sheet, an environmental balance and an energy balance of the company.


Your decision to use the services and products Novaday,will allow you to acheive FIVE goals.


A decision =   FIVE goals achieved

- CO2 impact
- Energy consumption
+ Financial savings
+ comfort and well-being
+ Positive image