Audit and Assessment of your existing lighting system (energy balance)

We propose to study with you the most appropriate solution to bring you the best return, while securing your investment. 
Depending on your business goals, the characteristics of your premises , needs or standards relevant to your industry, we adapt our made - to - measure study.
In some cases, we can make a simple estimate of your potential savings , and direct you to one of our technical partners for your project. 
If your existing equipment, your business, your needs, projects, ... need it : we offer a full audit, even a financial and energy check up on your existing system.

From the audit to the financial energy check up

Audit of your existing lighting fixtures:

  • Inventory
  • Consumption and performance (measurement of lighting performance)
  • Expectations and needs of users

System analysis (taking into account the technical characteristics of the building, operating conditions, environment):

  • Equipment costs, lighting costs and maintenance costs
  • Control standards (NF EN 12464-1) and / or regulation of the lighting of workplaces
  • Costs and impacts of compliance

Synthesis and balances after study of the site:

  • Findings
  • Financial Report (purchase, maintenance, electrical cost)
  • Environmental audit (CO2 impact)
  • Energy audit

Overall presentation of the project of the new lighting and electrical equipment:

  • Alternatives and recommendations adopted
  • Comparative balance financial, environmental and energy audits
  • Funding proposal
  • Evaluation of savings and earnings, return on investment, the yield of operation

Thanks to this very advanced and comprehensive work , we can develop the best solution for you.

We validate your project together including your possible specific requirements, your plant modifications, etc.. 
After validation, you can relax in the knowledge that we take care of everything in a comprehensive service , ensuring the implementation of your project . 




For major national and international groups, we work on studies and solutions providing specific conditions for a large-scale deployment with optimized technical and financial conditions.