Issues and economic performance for the company

We can offer you an overall re-lamping project with reserved and proposed replacement solutions , comparative balance sheets and the calculation of return on investment.



Companies are now under strong pressure both socially, economically and environmentally.  

As a decision maker,   and in a difficult economical transition period economically, how do I promote my business performance , increase the net income, its image, the health and comfort of my employees?

What are the issues   ?






  • Economic business performance
  • Pressure from shareholders (Stock Exchange)
  • Control over spending
  • Cash Management
  • Reduce operating costs

The environment has become a major issue and is considered   as an integral element in the business strategy.

  • Positive or negative image
  • Decision making and government regulations (Grenelle)
  • Arrival of the future European Directive 2013?
  • Power of associations, lobbying


  • Employee well-being
  • Union pressure
  • Regulation (new 2011 regulations)
  • Quality: NF EN 12464-2



Many people today seek to respond to the problems of the world , the economy of the business or human resources .
Few seek to develop new solutions that will actually meet these challenges of today and tomorrow.
Can lighting respond to these issues?
Can it help achieve the future goals of your business?

If you are a visionary decision maker,an innovator and pioneer, and if you want to anticipate   new regulations, measures or other pressures, Novaday will bring you sure solutions. 
Don’t be taken by surprise ,start to prepare today the future performance of your business   tomorrow.

As leaders, you can transform a feeling of constraint in a real competitive advantage.