Our business applications

LED lighting offers many possibilities for various applications , while improving the quality of the light environment. 

It responds to reduce your lighting costs without compromising the level of illumination , while meeting the challenges of sustainable development.


LED lighting in retail places
You have to make the customers want to enter the shop , to make them want to stay , to buy ,and especially to make them want to return .
LED can really help you reach this goal , thanks to the numerous choices it offers you .  

Quality color renderings, enhancement, enhancement of products, contrast and lighting quality are the main factors of customer satisfaction.

LED lighting in offices
The adaptation of working methods, the work environment, representative bodies, standards, the need to reduce operating costs are always extra pressure for companies, but also an opportunity. 
Novaday LED solutions brings you this quality of light that reflects the wellbeing of your employees by offering an exceptional technology and viewing comfort , without UV or IR .
All this greatly contributes to a good atmosphere in the company, the better productivity of men and the quality of their work.
Solutions that allow you to build a better working environment and achieve real energy savings.


The LED lighting in the hotel and catering industry
This sector represents potentialy a very important saving , because of the technology used (halogen bulbs, ..) and the time of lighting use .
The  hotel and restaurant sector   look for ambiance, decoration and conviviality ,which are important issues and therefore compact fluorescent energy saving is not the right answer.  
Novaday solutions completely meet the objectives of this industry. Conviviality.

LED lighting for outdoor applications
Car parks, buildings,  streets, LED lighting can bring real solutions in terms of energy expenditure and maintenance.


LED lighting applications in hospitals  
In the corridors and the reception areas light is always on.LED lighting can achieve substantial energy savings.The rooms are also privileged to provide comfort in a place which is often impersonal.
Novaday solutions contribute an important reduction in operating costs .

LED lighting for industrial applications
Novaday is a true specialist in this area of activity thanks to high power patented products, adaptable to each building.
The high ceilings that often characterize such places,   make maintenance and   re-lamping extremely expensive. A maintenance job may interrupt production or the activity.  
Our solutions meet the needs and constraints of the company.