LIFE   :

The most important quality of a LED is first and foremost to be a diode whose function has been known for decades by leading international manufacturers of semiconductors that have continued to improve their manufacturing processes. Its life time behavior can be accurately predicted , that is to say , its length of life  is given by following in details constraints of physical and electrical integration. In ideal temperature conditions, the length of life of the NOVODAY LED products can even reach 100 thousand hours.

For the same amount of light in a given space, the LED consumes less energy than a conventional lighting system. In addition, unlike a fluorescent tube or compact fluorescent bulb that require rare earths over the entire surface, it uses hardly any.   Unlike conventional sources,   there are no   mercury, sodium and other ingredients harmful to the environment. Thanks to its performance in lumens / watt and optimized light distribution in space , Novaday LED technology allows you to reduce up to 90% of your energy consumption.


A good optics system and  good light distribution optimises the light distribution. The choice of the wavelength ranges most suitable for use, guaranteed a comfortable light in line with requirements.
Similar to computer manufacturers guaranteeing the performance and quality of their products through an approach called "   Intel inside   " , NOVADAY provides the same qualitative approach with LEDs from the best manufacturers in the world   : Nichia   Cree, Osram, Philips Lumileds, Sharp, Everlight.
All present on the LED market for at least 25 years, including the United States and Japan, these international groups are known for their quality and expertise.



Unlike conventional sources producing light by the conversion of ultraviolet to visible light with rare earths, the LEDs used by Novaday do not emit wavelengths in the UV.
LED is cold front. The heat generated by its operation is removed by the PCB and heatsink. The LED does not emit infra-red front. As a result, there is no risk of  being burnt by infrared , whatever its power. However, some LEDs may be hazardous to health. The standard EN 62471 exists to set the guidelines and ensure peoples safety.


Unlike conventional sources for which the performance of the lighting system is optimum in a narrow temperature range because the of the gas discharge process, the performance of an LED depends on the size and material quality of the cooling system. A well designed and reliable product can be used on a wide range of temperature. Some NOVODAY products can even be used for both extremely low temperatures (cold room) or extremely high (steel industry).


the LED behaves as a software whose output data is based on a multitude of input data affecting its flow, its color, its efficiency, its use in time ... Bad input data give a bad output results for the biggest disappointment of users.Our experts know the sofware inside out and that explains why NOVADAY products are recognised for there quality


The LED will light instantly unlike many sources that require longer ignition time , and even they have to cool down before being re-lit . Some conventional sources even require a pulse of several thousand volts to initiate the discharge of the gas and the production of light.
Most products Novaday operate with an input voltage of 12V, 24V or 48V.


The LED emits virtually no heat on the outside surface and there is no risk of getting burned coming into contact ,unlike many conventional sources  which can vary from 90 ° C to 300 ° C at the surface. 
The LED consumes less energy and produces less heat for an equivalent amount of light . Thanks to the quality of NOVADAY cooling systems, the temperature of our products is very low , depending on the powers and applications, ranging from very low body temperature 37 ° C, up to a maximum of 70 ° C.


Because LED does not require filament, anode, cathode, or specific burner to emit light , it is not sensitive to shock and vibration.


In theory, the possibilities of color and combination of LEDs is infinite. At the request of our customers, it is possible to make a tailor-made product.