The lighting company

Lighting is 19% of the global electricity consumption. According to the French Association of lighting, 85% of French companies are poorly lit witch gives opportunities to improve lighting within European companies. Ensuring quality lighting is essential to the health and comfort of employees. Light affects the well-being of the occupants, thus their performance.  
An improvement in lighting allows an improvement in working conditions, also the energy performance of the system, knowing that in this area, the cost of lighting equipment is on average only 10% of expenditure while the cost of consumption and maintenance is 90%.
Investing in more efficient equipment and less energy consuming (but certainly more expensive to purchase than standard equipment) quickly becomes very profitable. Thus, depending on the type of power, lighting and ballast selected, the differential consumption of electricity, equal comfort, can exceed 70%. Source: French Lighting Association

Focus business

Average cost of lighting% of the electricity bill in different sectors:

  • Industry 15%
  • Commercial 20 to 60%
  • Office 30%
  • Education 39%
  • Health , Public Services 50%

It is estimated that by 2015 LED could represent a penetration rate of 30% business and 75% by 2020.