The group Novaday

Created by a team of experts working for 15 years in the lighting and energy sectors , and since 2002 in LED technology , Novaday offers both services and innovative solutions to improve the energy performance of businesses.

Through audits and personalised support, it is possible to significantly reduce operating costs through lighting and be part of a sustainable development approach. Depending on the industry, lighting represents 20 to 50% of the electricity consumed.

The Novoday team designs and markets professional-quality products, tested and certified by DEKRA laboratory. 
A member of PETALE INNOVATION , supported by SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC and CEA , retained and selected by the Easytech programme competitiveness group Minealogic, Novaday innovates through cooperative programs with industry, universities and research centers to provide services and efficient lighting products, customized products at competitive prices . .. 
Novaday aims to help you   respond to economic and   ecological challenges by a single decision.